Where Do We Go From Here?

On Monday, July 11th, MFPA hosted a community dialogue in association with the Rapid Response Team and Seattle Parks and Recreation. Billed as “Where Do We Go From Here”, the event gave community members, youth, Seattle Police, and others a place to come and talk about solutions. The circle started with around 20 people but grew to over 50 as more and more people filed in. Rev. Harriett Walden welcomed everyone in “Peace and Progress” and had the poem “Desiderata” read and reminded those gathererd that they are a child of the universe.

After a powerful exercise that included each person reading from a virtues card, the group talked about what brought them there. Some talked about wanting to be amongst community while others voiced anger and disgust with the recent police killings of black males. Several Seattle Police Department staff and officers were in the crowd and gave thought provoking comments as well.

Overall, everyone left wanting more discussion and dialogue, more action, and more healing. Some of the overall themes were:

– Consistency in activism

– Making amends to our youth

– Youth and others should contribute financially to the movement

– There is power in numbers

– Link organizations for fundraising efforts (United Way, etc.)

– Be part of the SOLUTION

– Continue the dialogue

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